Football Membership

Our annual membership for our Football Athletes (High School Grades Only) offers year-round training.  This annual training regimen is characterized by our position-specific skill training classes February through July; film study, chalk talk, technical training from August through November; and post-season review and goal establishment during December and January.

This membership also includes an annual Sports Performance Membership, so athletes will be attending UNLIMITED Speed & Agility and Strength classes as well as UNLIMITED Recovery - year round. 

Schedule of Football Position Classes:

Offensive Line: Our O-Line position-specific group classes meet on Wednesday and Thursday 8-9pm .  To secure your slot in class, you must register from our CLASSES PAGE.  For our Centers, also included in your membership is UNLIMITED attendance to our Quarterback group sessions.  This is a time for a Center to work on snapping, timing and placement of the ball.  Please click HERE and contact X-Factor directly to inquire about updated QB group times and join as a supporting Center.

Defensive Line/Line Backers/Pass Rushers: Our Pass Rushers position-specific group classes meet on Wednesday and Thursday 6-7pm.  To secure your slot in class, you must register from our CLASSES PAGE.

If you have any questions please contact us at