Mental Training Program Group A
Mental Training Program Group A

Elite athletes put in an incredible amount of time and energy into developing the skills and techniques necessary to compete at a high level.  In pressure situations some athletes thrive, some survive, and some crumble.  Studies show that there are common mental skills and traits among successful “elite” athletes and the good news is that these traits can be trained and developed.  Rather than just “hoping” that an athlete will have what it takes to perform at a high level, the Mental Training Plan Elite Mindset program will give athletes tools and skills that they will use to develop their own customize plan to perform at their best when it matters the most.

The 6-week course meets in the conference room at Pro X during the same time frame each week. Athletes will receive their own notebook to help them develop their own plan, set and track goals, and more.  The six topics covered include:


Week 1 (4/2/20): Focus Cycle - How to control your mind and body in pressure situations
Week 2 (4/9/20): Confidence - How to build and maintain a steadfast belief in your own abilities
Week 3 (4/16/20): Engergized yet Relaxed - How to get amped up and calm down to optimize performance
Week 4 (4/23/20): Motivation & Mindset - How to build & improve motivation and develop a champion’s mindset
Week 5 (4/30/20): Focus - How to focus on the task at hand and eliminate distractions
Week 6 (5/7/20): Optimistic Perfection - How to strive for perfection while dealing with failure

The 6-week program is taught by Ben Carnes, the owner of Mental Training Plan LLC.  Ben has been a teacher and coach for 13 years.  He has his MEd with a specialization in athletic coaching, a program which covered topics ranging from sports psych to anatomy and biomechanics.  Ben Carnes is not a psychologist and does not work with athletes who have diagnosable disorders, instead his focus is on helping athletes take what science can tell us about how our brains and bodies respond to pressure situations to develop tools that will help them perform better on the field, court, course, diamond, track, etc.  Coach Carnes does not provide therapy or counseling.  His focus is on giving elite athletes tools they can use and put into practice to deal with things like stress, anxiety, pressure, motivation, etc. before they become a problem that requires the services of a doctor or psychologist.

Ben has played and coached a wide variety of sports and has experienced first-hand the struggles and frustrations that come along with struggles in the mental side of sports, as well as the joy that comes along with overcoming these obstacles and just getting back to performing at your best. Coach Carnes has worked with teams and athletes stretching from little league football to professional baseball.  If you have questions for Coach Carnes or about the program Ben can be reached by email at


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