Peak Visual and Neurocognitive Performance Training Program
Peak Visual and Neurocognitive Performance Training Program

This 8 week program includes baseline testing as well as an evaluation during week 1, a 6 week customized training program, and one post-training evaluation and after action report during your final week.

Whether you play baseball, hockey, badminton or another sport, we are here to help you see the ball, puck or birdie more effectively. We build a custom-designed sports vision program just for you to improve the speed and accuracy of your eye movements. Training is individually customized to the athlete to improve performance on the field of play.

We focus on your vision so you can focus on your game! Our mission is to use our high-tech testing and training equipment to help evaluate and train athletes to perform at their peak. We can help you with eye motility, eye-­hand and eye-­foot coordination, speed of recognition

Dr. Macha is a member of the The A Team, High Performance Vision Associates and has worked with some of America’s leading athletic professionals and associations such as the LPGA golfers, Miami Dolphins, IMG athletes, Victor Cruz, Hendrick Motorsports, and Elite Pro Hockey Players.

He plays and coaches a variety of sports, and has extensive training in sports vision. This understanding of not only vision but also athletic performance gives Dr. Macha a special acumen for sports vision evaluation and treatment.

At checkout, you’ll be scheduling your baseline evaluation with Dr. Macha.  The remaining training program will be scheduled directly with Dr. Macha and his staff at

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  • GUEST $600.00
  • Golf Training $500.00
  • Golf Academy $500.00
  • Diamond Plus $500.00
  • Sports Performance Membership $500.00