The four crucial components required to produce more power, speed, and distance in a golf swing include Flexibility, Core Strength, Balance, and Clubhead Speed. Designed by our on-staff PGA Professional, and in collaboration with our Sports Performance Staff, our golf-specific movement classes highlight, focus, and improve upon all aspects of these crucial components to maximize each swing. Whether you’re an amateur golfer simply looking to lower your score, a highly competitive elite-level golfer, or a beginner who’s just learning to play the game – this class is for players of all levels.
Flexbility + Core + Balance + Seperation = Speed.

Pro X has a policy of cutting off online reservations within a certain timeframe prior to the scheduled start time.  A reservation may be unavailable due to being within that particular cutoff timeframe or a session has been previously booked. If you are unable to book a reservation and would like to check on availability, please contact Pete Thatcher at

Cancellation Policy:  Because we are a training facility, no-shows and late cancellations significantly impact our business. Therefore, no refunds will be given for an unattended reservation or for the cancellation of a reservation within twenty-four hours of the start of the class. Outside of the twenty-four hour timeframe, the reservation can be rescheduled for a later date. To reschedule the reservation, please call 317-733-6000 or email us at

If a reservation was tied to a specific membership and there was no charge at the time of registration, there will be no penalty for a cancellation outside of twenty-four hours from the start of the class. If a cancellation occurs within the twenty-four hour timeframe, Pro X reserves the right to charge the customer a fee of $20.

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