Sports Performance 6 Months

The Pro X Sports Performance Membership begins with the PERFORMANCE EVALUATION.  The athlete's performance evaluation consists of movement testing, injury history, and testing - all of which will determine the appropriate level of training.

All training is focused on the balance between injury prevention and pushing to higher levels of conditioning and performance.  Above all, the training is based on the concept of MOVING WELL before MOVING FASTER or LIFTING HARDER.

After joining the Pro X Sports Performance Membership, you'll schedule your Sports Performance Evaluation.  After completing the evaluation, our sports performance staff will recommend your enrollment into the NXT or Xplosion training program.  You'll then be able to enroll in an UNLIMITED number of speed and weight classes year-round!

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Sports Performance 6 Months
$0.00 down payment $674.99 individual / month $1079.99 family / month