Annual Sports Vision

Dr. Macha's Annual Sports Vision membership is a prepaid 12-month membership that includes 2 separate 8-week customized programs - constructed specifically for each member. 

Each 8-week customized program will be geared toward and will focus on improving the following aspects

Eye Motility
Eye-­Hand and Eye-­Foot Coordination
Speed of Recognition
Speed of Focusing
Visual Memory
Spatial Localization
Static and Dynamic Visual Acuity
Peripheral Vision
Depth Perception
Injury Prevention

Upon purchase, you will go through a comprehensive evaluation with Dr. Macha to set your goals and determine your training frequency. 

Additionally, each member will receive year-round FREE weekly training sessions (15-minutes per week), with any of the training tools offered by Dr. Macha - options include Win Reality, Vision Coach, Right Eye, and/or Senaptec.  

If you have any questions please contact us at
[email protected]

Annual Sports Vision
$0.00 down payment $2000.00 individual / month